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About the institute

The Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (ISSTI) is a research network established in 2000 to bring together groups of academics and individual researchers across the University of Edinburgh who are involved in research, teaching and knowledge transfer on social and policy aspects of science, technology and innovation.

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Upcoming Events

5th Aug 2017

Conversations: Speaker: Matjaz Vidmar # TBC; Speaker: Pippa Goldschmidt # TBC; Introduced by: Susan Morrison # TBC Outer Space – The Next Empire? 13:50 (1 hour)




16 Jun 2017

STIS PhD Student Awarded Prestigious Emerging Space Leaders Grant

Matjaz Vidmar, a 2nd year STIS PhD student, has been awarded one of the prestigious Emerging Space Leaders Grants by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

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08 Jun 2017

New book from Antti Silvast: Making Electricity Resilient

Making Electricity Resilient: Risk and Security in a Liberalized Infrastructure -- Antti Silvast

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05 Jun 2017

Conquering Outer Space – Is it Science or Fiction?

As part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, STIS PhD student and innovation researcher, Matjaz Vidmar, and STIS Visiting Fellow and acclaimed science fiction author, Pippa Goldschmidt, are to debate the future of human activity beyond the Earth in a show titled: Outer Space – The Next Empire?

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31 May 2017

New volume on "Dolly at Roslin: A Collective Memory Event"

Download this new publication from Miguel Garcia-Sancho and Dmitriy Myelnikov for free at the link below.

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11 May 2017

Dr Eugénia Rodrigues taking part in Pint of Science event in Edinburgh

Dr Rodrigues will be giving a talk on "How citizens are transforming science as we (used to) know it" on 16th May at Moriarty's Bar, 161 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9AA (the event starts at 7.30pm).

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Latest Issue of the ISSTI Newsletter: ISSTI Newsletter Issue 30 - April 2017